Bus app re-design (pullman)

Pullman is a college town and the cost of affording a parking pass is incredibly pricy. So aside from bumming a ride from a friend, a bus is one the most comprehensive and affordable mode of transportation. In terms of Bus information, the user typically wants to know the accurate arrival time of the bus. Long time waiting at the bus stops unfortunately discourages the use of buses. Also various unpredictable factors delay the schedule of a bus: car accidents, harsh weather, traffic conditions etc. We are proposing a project which will assist the bus travelers in predicting accurate bus timings.

Initial Problems of Original Site:

Text and Check Boxes way too small. Too much zooming is needed. No GPS feature. No memory of your most used/recent routes. Side bar is locked in place and cannot be Minimized if preferred.


Create larger, color coded, easy to select buttons. GPS feature that can be turned on or off in settings to recognize bus stops near you. The app can remember things like your login, recent and most frequent routes taken, and stops near your home. Map can be toggled to full screen and back to half of the screen whenever necessary.


In this project, we propose an easy and innovative method for predicting the bus information. My sole objective is to build an app that will help students to access the current location of the bus while also providing more convenience with bus schedules and bus location information so that they may not get delayed.

Design Description:

I organized the app so that tasks were accessible on the home screen, but the more specific aspects took place on the right. So I added colors to those buttons and subtle drop shadows to help make them pop. I created pages that were relevant to the user by eliminating large amounts of unnecessary information on a small screen. By displaying routes and departing/routing times this helps aid in the users need. Each button opens up an appropriate solution. The “Next Bus at My Stop” shows a list of buses on the way to the users stop. It also displays icons of buses which moves when the buses move. The Route button allows you to choose a specific route and see where the bus is at any given time. You’re even able to click a star icon to insinuate that this is your favorite route of choice. The “Next Bus Home” is a very attractive feature if you are lost and wanting to know a bus that will be coming to your stop soon. It also lets you select a route of interest from a list and then numbered route buses plot on the map so you can see if the bus is running on time and how close it is.

Pullman Transit App Design:

I decided to go with a crimson red and gray background to represent the school colors and using fonts that were clear and easy to read. I made the buttons colorful with a subtle drop shadow to help them pop for the viewer.

App Design Different Screens:

After Presentation Changes:

I realized later that the app needs a home button so the user can return to the home screen whenever they pleased. This is added to my final design. I also felt the arrow icons were highly misleading and quickly changed them into stars. Highlighting the fact that the buttons can be favorited.

App Design Screens After Changes:


After doing this project, I learned that designing an app is an excellent way to bare the minimum. Sometimes its nice to add a little more, but with small screen spaces, its important to be concise, consistent, and create intuitive experience. This should be every designers top priority.