For this project, I use color and themes to form unusual relationships in everyday life situations that involve mundane subjects, irony, parody, humor, surprise and absurdity. I rely solely on camera to take an image rather than altering it in Photoshop. I use various unconventional camera angles, extreme close-ups and natural and artificial light to create significant imagery (daylight vs indoor light/camera flash) and try and relate my images thematically through color.
Uke project taken on a crappy phone
Blends in well with my other stringed instruments
My project was displayed in the art case at WSU

This is a zooey dechanel ukulele that I created. I constructed a model object using cardboard, plastic, tape, glue and nails. I then spent time planning the size of the materials and tools I needed and the measurements. After creating my object, I took my camera and made some shots, collected and combined imagery that brought a different meaning to my creation. I used images of my favorite actress-Zooey dechanel and placed her around the uke. Photoshop was used to collage, resize, and edit my imagery to help wrap around and attach to my object.

Here I focus on experiemental and conceptual drawing methods by applying various composition color palette, and subject matter. I had colleceted parts of my art work that were drawn on paper and used it to customize my brushes on photoshop as well as create funky digital art.
Digital representation of Venus of Urbino

For this project I searched for a historical painting and took a photo with a similar landscape. I then used photoshop to help modernize it and help make it fit in with todays culture.

The painting above the digital work is called Venus of Urbino by titan and was made in 1538. It is a representation of Venus, the goddess of love, as a sensual and delectable woman staring at the viewer. The light and warm color of her body is in contrast to the dark background, bringing out her eroticism. This art was painted to commemorate Guidobaldo's (a dukes) marriage, celebrating marital love and the physical intimacy between man and wife. The painting was intended as a teaching model for the Duke鈥檚 young wife Giulia Varano, and was intended to serve as a reminder of her marital obligations.

The dog at the feet of the woman is the symbol of marital fidelity while, in the background, the house maid looking down at the young girl as she rummages in a chest symbolizes motherhood.

In my digital representation, I replaced the dog with Trojan condoms as another symbolism for fidelity and I have one of the maids throwing up in a toilet, while the other maid holds out her hand to take care of her. That in some sense to me, is maternal. The flowers the woman is holding represents romance and I belive chocolate can represent romance too. So I replaced it with a kit kat bar.

This is a poster I designed. It is completely hand drawn by me and traced and colored on Adobe Illustrator. The band is a name I made up.

This is the front cover for a comic book I made. The character on the left is a digital drawing of me and the one on the right is of my sister.