SYG Marketing Plan

designed by Toya

Executive Summary:

Pullman is a small community and there are numerous plant nurseries in the area so they have a lot of competition. SYG also feels that their affordable, easy landscaping services are not being taken advantage of. SYG feels they are not appealing well to the young professionals living in the Pullman area who own their own homes; this would be those between the ages of 28-45. They wish to increase their number of customers, and increase use of their landscaping service. In order to reach their objectives and increase customers they will increase social media and online presence, run ads online as well as in local newspapers. They will also be displaying poster of their work at both Pullman and Moscow Farmer’s Markets. We will also be placing multiple ads in cinemas across Pullman and Moscow during peak movie season; this will assure we get more views on our ads. This will expose 70% of viewers to our ads and hopefully 35% will see out ads twice offering double assure that they have seen your ad and are considering using SYG’s services.

Competitive Analysis (strengths/weaknesses)

SYG has many advantages that make them superior to other businesses in the area. While Ace and Walmart are well known brand name stores there is a lot more that SYG offers. SYG has reasonable, cheap prices and offer free estimates for landscaping services as well as cheap services. None of the other businesses offer actual landscaping services, they only sell the products to do it yourself. So while competitors only offer bits and pieces of landscaping service.

SYG will offer everything you need for a reasonable price, until your lawn looks amazing. Being a bigger business and well-known name also has downsides, while SYG is a smaller business this allows for them to have more personal relationships and make loyal customers.

SYG is lacking an online presence but when looking up competitor reviews I found there were numerous poor reviews about both Ace and Walmart claiming their customer service is not very good and the workers can be useless sometimes. With SYG’s customer loyalty and offered landscaping services along with free estimates they could increase online presence and get some great reviews to increase their business. This would in turn increase business since people are less likely to buy from a business with no reviews making it a lesser known business. So while other competitors offer bits and pieces of landscaping SYG offers products at a reasonable, cheap price they also offer landscaping services for cheap and free estimates before they start their landscaping so you know you won’t be overpriced after they’ve done their work. These businesses, Ace and Walmart, do have numerous opportunities that if they implement could be hazardous to SYG’s business. They could increase their social media presence, sometimes they offer better pricing on select merchandise but SYG holds all these same opportunities and could out-sell and beat its competitors.

Timeline (Graph Explained)

As our graph shows starting in March we will begin a Flighting strategy with Facebook, cinema and newspaper ad placements, we will continue this through the eight months of landscaping season until October. March, April and May are the biggest landscaping months as well as when summer movies comes out, this will be key placement of our ads. Our use of print advertising during the month of May coincides with the beginning of the monthly Farmer’s Market events.

Our use of cinema ads will coincide with the peak of summer movie season which guarantees that anyone sitting in the theater will see our ads right at the start of summer too which is the perfect time to change your landscaping and improve your yard. Through these mediums we will yield nearly 978,000 impressions overall throughout Pullman and Moscow. We

will stop almost all of our ads after the eight month Flighting period in October when Winter is starting to come and landscaping is considered less important.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for these promotions and messages are young professionals aged 28 to 45 living in Pullman or Moscow who own their own home. Approximately 70% of homes owned in the area are owner occupied indicating that this is a potentially profitable market for SYG. Many of these respondents have never hired help for their outdoor area; many said this is because they feel they did not have the time of money to improve. Many of the respondents say that they value the appearance of their homes again indicating there is room for profit.

Tone Of Ads

Connects to the audience's love for family time and memorable experiences through the use of a beautiful yard.

Social Media: The ability to keep an updated brand profile on social media platforms is a huge tool in modern advertising. Despite the fact that SYG sparingly updates their Facebook page, we can develop a stronger presence with our potential do it yourselfer customers by advertising our beautiful landscape options and former completed landscaping jobs online at a much higher rate than before. These social media ads will be mainly delivered to both men and women aged 28-45 living in the greater Pullman area. By garnering a much more interactive presence on social media, we are bound to develop a much stronger impression throughout the area. Social media advertising will take up 10% of SYG’s overall budget, but they will receive 680,000 impressions via Facebook.

Print Media: Running print ads in the Moscow Pullman Daily News for the eight prime landscaping months between March and October will create very positive impressions for SYG throughout the Pullman area. The ad placements will be run-of-paper, but we plan on running both print, as well as online ads during the month of May when many homeowners will be looking to add quality landscaping to their yards in anticipation of the warm summer months. Increasing the frequency of our print and online news ads will generate much more business and landscaping revenue. However, because both online and print newspaper

advertising are so lucrative, this form of advertising will take up 54% of the budget, with a total of 225,000 impressions.

Cinema: SYG plans on taking advantage of the unique attention moviegoers pay to cinema advertising by placing our prepared landscaping ads in two different theaters around the surrounding area. This will account for a total of 13 movie screens showing our brands still advertisements from March-May, the ideal time for moviegoers to contemplate the current condition of their lawns, and prepare themselves for what accommodations need to be made in order to be satisfied with their landscaping. Cinema advertising will take up 26% of the budget, and will render 73,000 impressions.

Farmers’ Market Events: SYG greatly values its loyal customers, and enjoys getting to know them on a more personal level. Both the Moscow, as well as Pullman farmers markets will be host to SYG tents from May through October that will have five poster-quality landscaping pictures of their completed work. There will be several SYG representatives and employees at the tent explaining to potential customer’s possible quotes for completed landscaping jobs. The multiple Farmers’ Market Events will account for 10% of the overall budget.

Creative Strategy:

Problem: Majority of consumers are DIYers due to being empty nesters, having older children and lots of time on their hands.

Objective: Objective of this advertising plan is to raise awareness by 70%. Attracting young adults to our service.

Target Audience: Young professionals ages 28-45 living in Pullman and Moscow who own their own home. Approximately 70% of homes owned in the area are owner occupied indicating that this is a potentially profitable market for SYG. Many of these respondents have never hired

help for their outdoor area: Many consumers have said they value the appearance of their homes again indicating there is room for profit.

Key benefits and positioning:

Tone of ads: SYG will connect to the audiences love for family time and memorable experiences through the use of a beautiful yard. Our advertisement will hint the importance of an aesthetically appealing home while also suggesting loving memories and fun family spirit that will come of it.


Local Radio:

Flyers/Print Ads: 7.25X10, Full page non bleed

Objectives: Within a year we would like to increase the awareness of SYG’s landscape by 70% informing and educating around half of the Pullman and Moscow population. We want to convince two-thirds of the comprehending group that SYG is an affordable and quick method of improving outdoor living space. SYG would also like Pullman to understand that SYG’s landscaping service is local and offers the opportunity to improve outdoor living space with high quality results and to expose to this notion twice. SYG would like to stimulate desire within two-thirds of those convinced to seek out more information by SYG.

This style will be very eye-catching and put on all ads. It will have a friendly, upbeat family oriented feel and will display vivid colors and a beautiful landscape to attract attention. We will also showcase our logo, slogan- “There is a beautiful place beneath your unkempt place” as well as social media outlets and contact information.

Our Pinterest will display our logo and slogan. It will be a powerful tool to help increase awareness and exposure of our brand. Here we will display before and after pictures and products provided by SYG. It will bring more traffic to our site and allow our business to be discovered through Google search. Using this media presence will also increase longevity of our content and reach of our service.


Social Media: 10% or $517 dollars of the budget will go towards social media advertising and will cost 76 cents per 1,000 impressions. There should be a total of 680,000 impressions from social media.

Online ads: Online ads will be run for an 8 month period for 20,000 impressions at the cost of $13 dollars per 1,000 impressions for a total of $260 dollars a month or $2,080 dollars total.

Local newspaper: A combination of both print and online ads in local newspapers will create 65,000 impressions. The cost per one thousand impressions is $10 dollars, with the total cost amounting to $2,687 dollars or 54% of the overall budget.

Cinema: Cinema advertising should achieve 73,000 impressions over a 3 month period from March through May, with each month costing $432 dollars, and each month generating 24,400 impressions. Cinema advertising is more expensive at $17.70 per 1,000 impressions. The overall total cost of cinema advertising is $1,296 dollars or 26% of the overall budget.

Farmers Market Events: Over a 6 month period, 5 poster quality images of SYG’s completed work will be strategically placed around both the Pullman, and Moscow farmers markets. There will be $200 dollars going towards display costs, with another $300 dollars being allocated towards vendor’s fees. This amounts to a total of $500 dollars, or 10% of the overall budget being spent on farmer’s market events.