Anime Junkies


There isn't a strong system that allows anime lovers to find up to date information on their favorite manga artists, characters, voice actors, etc. Because fans search for information from various web pages, they often get different info that may or may not be true. There is also a strong fan presence of anime lovers out there in the media, but not a strong enough social media system within the market place.


Anime junkies will pull information off of reputable sites such as official web pages, tweets and posts from the authors/actors of the anime's themselves. It will also have a simple and intuitive way to socialize with others while keeping up to date on their favorite animes.

Tools Used:

Photoshop, Illustrator

User Research:

Semi-Structured Interview:

With the interview, I aimed to understand and build empathy with certain anime lovers by hearing examples of the animes they've watched and their experiences. I also gathered data on problem areas and existing forms of support, found trends in the anime lovers experience and determined how their experiences can vary.


My research uncovered several similarities. A large majority loved the artwork and were often artist's themselves or just had love for graphic arts. Almost all loved the music and have a huge love for the characters. But one thing they had in common was the art of story telling. They feel anime has the ability to tell stories that cannot be visualized in any other medium.
A problem they've delt with in anime web pages and apps was simply not getting enough information. Wether it was on characters or when the next season of a show is out. Some felt it would be nice to meet others that felt the same passion for a partculr anime as them.


In the initial phase, I used techniques to come up with quick sketches of ideas, no matter how far fetched or unlikely. The goal was to generate a large variety of concepts, challenge my own assumptions and turn existing ideas on their heads.

Low-fidelity Wireframes

Final Concept