Personal Website

I designed my website entirely in Photoshop and pulled the artboards onto Invision for prototyping. I then coded it using brackets.

The primary goal of a design portfolio is "to display compelling content and to provide basic information in a way that leads to getting more clients. In it's basic form, it provides professional information about an individual or a company and presents a showcase of their work." Said by Jacob Gube, a designer and blogger.

Initial Problems of Old Website

My old webiste was simple and clean, however it needed to be refreshed. It was not at all responsive and the serif font was not very pleasant to read. I also had numerous digital content that needed to be sectioned in a way that is easy for users to navigate through.


Instead of diving right into design, I made a client journey map to capture complex user interaction and identify critical points.

Site Mapping & Sketches

To refine the information architecture, I invited some users to a user experience activity and refined information architecture to make it simple and effortless to access to often-required content.

Rough Sketches

Color Scheme of Portfolio Was Decided

Visual UI Design / Mockups Made on Photoshop

About Me

More Engaging Thumbnails

I was inspired by

Digital Work

Pricing Page


More will be added onto this page